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Elegance Can Be Durable

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About Us

Storm Blinds have been developed over the past twelve years to make a product available that is sufficiently durable and strong to cope with the robust weather conditions that prevail on our South African Coast.

Because blinds are such prominent features of any home, major consideration has been given to their aesthetic impact.

The result is a blind with the warmth of a natural wood but with disciplined structure allowing it to blend with traditional or modern architecture.

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Transform an Area

Our unique, hand crafted and durable blinds perfectly transform outdoor areas into comfortable, aesthetically pleasing areas that block out harsh sunlight, rain and heavy wind. Storm Blinds also seamlessly blend with traditional or modern architecture with the warmth of the natural wood and contemporary design of the blinds.

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Wood or White

We offer a range of different wood finishes from Ebony, Bali, Honeysuckle, Light Brown and white. Which means that there is a colour for any home, building or personal taste.

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Neat & Easy

Storm Blinds can easily be rolled up or down by a simple pull or release of the cord. Once they are down they neatly and simply attach to a small stainless steel plate which holds the blind in place during wind (as seen above). Due to the effient design of our blinds, raising and lowering them takes very little effort and time.

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Storm Blinds were carefully developed to provide protection to your patio and outdoor areas that is also stylish. Our roller blinds have the warmth of natural wood with a contemporary design, allowing them to enhance both traditional and modern architecture.

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All the timber that we use is sourced from sustainable forests. So, not only have we made an outdoor blind that is both beautiful and tough, but it’s environmentally friendly too. We think that all of these qualities together make our blinds pretty unique.

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To withstand South Africa’s harsh climate and the weather conditions of our coast, Storm Blinds need to be very durable. All our metal fittings are made from stainless steel. And our timber is pressure treated against insect attack and wood rot, giving it a rated life of 30 years.

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Storm Blinds Decks


Here at Storm Blinds we also offer unique, custom built, hand made, wooden decks that transform areas and blend perfectly with any home. Like our blinds, our Decks are durable, stylish and elegant with a contemporary design, allowing them to enhance both traditional and modern architecture. To view more of our decks click here

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